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Capability, Flexibility & Value:

We serve private and government clients with Management Consulting, Business, Strategy, Analysis and Audit services.

Management Team:

Christina Y. Weller is a seasoned business administrator with a background in science and technology solutions.  She has over 10 years experience managing company operations, strategic management, logistical support services, financial management, budgets and accounting.  She has experience as chief executive in non-profits as well as marketing, sales and project support services for industrial real estate brokerage.

Whitney T. Weller is a CTO, CIO seasoned professional with a broad background in science and technology.  He has a background which includes 25+ years guiding large public companies as well as medium and small companies.  He has led management activities in 3 startup companies. He has a vast group of contacts in private industry and government to call on should there be a need.  He has worked domestically and Internationally providing services, developing businesses technology road maps, providing competitive positioning, designing hardware and software products.  He has worked extensively with Government Agencies such as DHS, DOD and DOE.  His work has focused on risk assessment and security imaging systems to process multi-sensor image data and enable automated analysis.

He has worked with the to tier fortune 100 companies to provide expert guidance when providing security solutions for physical and cyber and has several patents.  He has designed and integrated complex computer architectures systems of systems for clients.

Please reach out and contact us and we can discuss what we can do to help.

        • Business Development, Sales and Marketing
        • Auditor
        • Export Control
        • Policy and Procedure Deployment
        • Chief Architect
        • Software Development
        • Vendor/Partner Relationship/Negotiation
        • Operations Planning

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